Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunny in San Diego

We have such beautiful weather here in San Diego! 85 degrees and sunny today. It was snowing again back  in Thornton Colorado...nope, I don't miss it even a little bit! Yet.

I tried a crock pot brownie recipe fail. Very disappointing. I will be the first to admit that I am an awesome cook but a terrible baker. From now on, the baking will mostly be left to Sarah. The house smells heavenly but the end product was just awful!

I think the mess surrounding my paperwork with Innovations Academy for Tyler's home school days is finally cleaned up! I meet with someone who knows a thing or two on Monday. In the meantime, Tyler and I continue to have an awesome time with this whole part-time homeschooling thing.

There is a book called, "The Out-Of-Sync Child"  by Carol Kranowitz. It's a great book for parents and teachers dealing with kiddos with sensory disorders. She has written a chapter book, "To the boys and girls who feel that being in the world is a struggle and want to know why." We are reading it aloud in our living room, 10 minutes every night. Sensory put this gem out. So far we are enjoying it and seeing some of every one of us in it's story.

Amber and Emily in matching jammies!

The Santa Ana winds bring odd behavior from children. Steve helped with an incident at the elementary school he works at today. All the kids are just off and LOUD today. I remember when I was teaching pre-k that windy days seemed to bring out the wild in kiddos. Tyler has been especially active and loud. Amber has had more than the usual sensory meltdowns. Kyle feels he needs to be in charge of Amber and Tyler today and that hasn't gone well, as you can imagine. Ian randomly and suddenly leaped off the sofa and into Kyle's face when everyone was watching TV. Sarah, Jacob and Emily are especially....buoyant and ...silly. You should've seen this group trying to figure out what to watch on TV together while wasn't pretty. Steve finally suggested they all go read books instead and it was funny how quickly they made a decision! Everyone is just a bit off all over the place today.

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