Monday, November 7, 2011

Say What?

"Get your head out of there!" (Mom to Tyler)
"I don't have a sheet on my bed", says Kyle. "Then put one on it", says Mom. Kyle then walks out to the garage. 
"Can I blow something up?" (Tyler with an airmattress pump)
Amber's friends ask Emily if it is true what Amber said. What did Amber say? She is 1/2 Werewolf. She has 10 dogs at home. Her family has a private jet.
"I do not have to get up for school. It is Sunday!" (Kyle to Dad) "Sorry, but it's Monday. Get up!" (Dad to Kyle)
"He is a pot-head." (Sarah talking about Johnny Appleseed who was being played by Martin Short)
"Get something good to eat." (Mom to kids just home from school) "Can I have candy?" (Emily)
"Time for dinner." (Mom to all) "Can I have candy?" (Tyler)
"Did you use soap?" (parent) "ummmmm. well." (pick a boy) At this point Jacob would likely chime in with, "in his defense, you didn't specifically say he had to. That implied he had a choice!"
"I forgot my lunch." (Dad)

*I just had to throw in this one from today. Cashier at Walmart said to Mom, "Thank you. Have a nice life." I just do not know what to make of that. Did she just break up with me?


  1. The only reason I came back for my lunch is I put my work keys and netbook in there, So I don't forget them.....

  2. And here I thought you came back for your lunch because I made you meatloaf sandwiches!