Friday, November 11, 2011

I think that some people just don't understand about nut allergies

I have 3 kids with life threatening allergies to all tree nuts and peanuts. This means adjustments to everyone around them. We have no peanuts or nuts allowed at all in our home, not even for kids who are not allergic. The buzz word is "cross-contamination". Tyler and Amber have had to learn that even if someone brings cupcakes that their Mom baked at home and she is sure there are no nuts in them, they still can not eat them. They may have made peanut butter and toast on the counter. Cross-contamination. It isn't just that the allergic kids might itch or get watery eyes or a runny nose. They could die. If you know that there are children in your child's class or playgroup, or ball team, etc, that has a nut allergy, please be very respectful of that and please do not feel your rights are violated because no nuts are allowed there. It truly is life or death.

Peanut allergy kids ....this was a great post by another Mom with an allergic kiddo and the comments that followed were really telling.

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