Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cooking Day!

Here is the past week in a nutshell! Visiting my Mom and Step-Dad in Las Vegas for a few days over Thanksgiving with Steve, Tyler and Amber was a great time! They had many things around the house for Steve to help them with, we visited the Natural history Museum and a fabulous park, swam at the hotel pool and saw amazing flower displays at the Bellagio. Steve got to meet up with a long lost Cousin while we were there and I learned that my family tree went in a different direction than I had known before! I turned 46 while we were in Las Vegas!  Steve has been coming off of his anti-depressant so that was a challenge for sure. We skipped Thanksgiving altogether but will make up for it next weekend and maybe I will make myself a birthday cake to go along with it! Kyle and Emily stayed with Steve's parents while we were away and did just fine. Jacob and Ian were at their Uncle Joe's and came back well fed! Sarah will be in Colorado until Tuesday and was thrilled that it snowed there yesterday! Whew! Okay, I will take a breath now and move onto the kitchen!

Today I am doing lots of cooking and working on the menu for next week. Last night was a pork roast I had cooked and frozen, mashed potatoes, baby carrots, peas, green beans and homemade rolls. But that was the last of the meals in the freezer so starting again today.
Menu For The Week:
Saturday: Spaghetti with Italian Sausage links; pasta is "Ronzoni Garden Delight"; homemade rolls(honey wheat rolls with Italian seasoning in the dough).
Sunday: Taco Braid 
Monday: Lentil Soup
Tuesday: Pulled Pork; white rice; corn; carrots; salad
Wednesday: Hamburgers; baked beans; sweet potato and regular fries
Thursday: Chicken Parmesan served on "Ronzoni Garden Delight" noodles.
Friday: leftovers; salad
Saturday: Our Thanksgiving Dinner!!

At this moment you will find on the stove and in the crock pot, enough spaghetti sauce to make 4 meals. The crock pot has nice Italian sausage links in it. We will eat that tonight and I will add ground meat I have already cooked to what is left and freeze it. On the stove is a big pot or marinara sauce. 1/2 will be for chicken Parmesan. I will add ground meat I have already cooked to the other half and freeze it.  I have 5 pounds of pinto beans soaking and I will put them on to cook when I go to bed. Tomorrow I will freeze them in 1 pound portions to use in various meals. I am also making the dough for rolls and the taco braid for the week in the bread machine. I just make it on the dough setting, put each batch in a olive oiled Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. The night before I need it, I thaw it in the fridge. I take it out about an hour before I need it. On a floured board I put it into whatever shape I need, let it rise about 30 minutes then bake it!

Now back to my kitchen......

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