Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nook Tablet

I bought one! I was stressing about spending so much money on myself for clearly a luxury item.  Being the typical Mom, I feel guilty if I buy myself new underwear, especially if they are not on clearance! The jeans I am wearing are from before my pregnancy with my 5 yr old son. To spend so much money on myself, let alone for something that was not a necessity is totally against my nature.  However, I am completely thrilled with this gadget so far! So, we have established that my spending money like this is not like me but you might also know that I am rather challenged technologically. It takes me months to adjust to a new phone and I still am not quite sure how to use the DVD player here. There is something so much less intimidating about a "touch screen" anything to me. I got the first Nook Tablet sold at my Barnes & Noble store. They had actually JUST gotten them in and were opening the box when Sarah and I arrived. There is another thing I never something electronic when it first comes out! Have I mentioned how much I love this thing?! 

As soon as I pull myself away from my new gadget long enough, I want to tell you all about my new oatmeal cookie recipe. Also, the more I read about the additives in our food, the more I want to go live on a farm and grow it all ourselves! More on that later as well!

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