Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food Dyes and Soy

In my quest to feed my family healthier food I have been looking at lots of other Mom's blogs. I kept seeing where people were avoiding soy so I dug into that a bit. Why? Wow! Soy is bad stuff, especially for children. Sarah and Tyler are allergic to it although small amounts do not cause a reaction. It full of natural estrogen, which one site claimed was akin to giving birth control pills to our kids! That is just the beginning! I was very surprised to learn that the food I believed to be such a "super food" is actually bad for us. The Asians did not eat it in any form but fermented until recent history because they believed it to be toxic...and for good reason.

As if that were not enough, I am now learning that yellow dye #5 is known to cause hyperactivity in children as well as red dye #40. When I read about this issues with red dye #40 some months ago, I immediately took Tyler off of it. The results were quick and amazing! If he should get a small amount of red dye now the results are quick and amazing! It makes him extremely hyper and aggressive. His eyes dart rapidly about and he will be the first to say he does not like how he feels. We are still having some issues with him having a constant need to move and an inability to sit still at all. I am going to take the yellow dye #5 out of his diet immediately and I will let you know if we see any changes. It makes me angry to learn that this as well as other very serious reactions to these dyes are known and yet we continue to allow them to be put into our food! Several other countries actually ban these! I learned about the yellow dye today when I was looking into some potential dietary helps for autism.  Taking MSG, artificial sweeteners and Red dye #40 out of the diet has shown to help some autistic children so it is worth trying in our home.

Take a look at Fruit Roll-Ups. They now have a "Simply Fruit" Fruit Roll-Up. The original is full of sugar and artificial color and flavor. The fruit version uses things like purple carrots and beets for color and flavor. I would buy the Fruit ones for Tyler and then whatever for the rest but more of the "regular" stuff for anyone! All the Halloween candy is going out the door, except for the chocolate, of course!

This picture is from Tyler's classroom blog. This is Kyle working as Tyler's reading buddy at school.

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