Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving Along Through The Weekend

Friday was a home school day for Tyler.  Emily, Kyle and Amber got out at noon so we got a head start on the weekend!

I was thinking that since I can get another chest freezer for free that is 7 cu ft. I should take it and buy a half a cow. I am working on that plan but if anyone knows of a place in San Diego, etc. where I can buy a side of beef please let me know!

Jacob has been hard at work the past few days filling out applications for a part-time job. He turns 17 in a few days, by the way!

I have been working on trying some new things with Winter squash the past few days. The butternut squash is so good and the kids love it with a little butter and brown sugar. I pureed the acorn squash with carrots and zucchini and froze it in 2/3 cup portions. I will use this in spaghetti sauce to sneak in some veggies. I am trying it in a bread machine recipe, substituting it for pumpkin puree so I'll let you know how that goes.

The old washer and dryer have been sold and are now out of the garage! Just in time to make room for the additional chest freezer. We need a bigger garage...bigger house for that matter.

I am missing having a garden, especially now, living in a place where you can grow great stuff year round. The pot by the front door with the rosemary and petunias just isn't enough dirt for me!
I read today about using a dryer sheet to clean your crock pot. I don't think I will try this. I use dryer sheets to clean shower doors. It will make quick work of even the worst soap scum in the bath/shower. I am thinking I don't want this stuff anywhere near our food!

In my research about where to buy a side of beef here, I found a farm in Lake Elsinore that has a huge vericompost farm. They sell the bins and worms or just bags of castings or bottles of compost tea as well. I have always wanted to have a worm farm and the kids, although they are completely interested at the moment, would probably like it too. Maybe this would be something I can do with Kyle's class at Innovations Academy. They are hoping to start a garden at the school and are all about "green". It doesn't get any greener than worm poop!

Amber, Tyler, Kyle and I spent a little time at the Halloween Carnival at the local elementary this afternoon while Sarah, Ian and Steve ran errands. Kyle actually went into the haunted house, a 4 ticket experience, by himself while the little ones and I waited. He survived!
Ian and Tyler have been hanging out together more lately. it was interesting to watch them play spies out front this afternoon!

You should have heard the very in-depth conversation concerning Sponge-Bob this afternoon. It was awesome because it was a subject everyone had something to say about from the oldest to the youngest. Interesting.

The 5 oldest kidlets are spending the evenings watching the Harry Potter movies. They are on the 3rd movie tonight.

Steve installed a metal basket on the underside of the cabinet over the sink to hold dishtowels for me today. We have a pile of dish towels which we use instead of paper towels in the kitchen. I had a basket on the counter filled with them but I need the counter space. This was the perfect solution. We looked at ikea, Lowe's for what we needed but finally Steve found it at Home Depot. I am thinking about more places this idea would work well in.

Time to get the bread out of the bread machine...I can't wait to taste it! *(It was REALLY good!)

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