Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sarah's Thoughts :)

This is Sarah! I'm not yet a contributor to the Blender Blog so this post will say that my mom published it but I feel like it's time to hear from someone other than the Mom or the Dad in the family. The other day we went out to buy some Christmas decorations for the holidays and I can honestly say I'm sastified with our haul. We bought a mini tree to set on the side table in the living room and it's just the cutest thing. I hooked up the lighted tree to the lightswitch and put a few ornaments on it, everyone loves it. Along with the tree, we bought everyone a stocking to decorate. With some suction cups, the personalized stockings are all hung up for each of the kids. It's so Christmas-y around here now.
In other news, all these San Diegans think that 40 degrees is really cold and everyone is complaining bout how chilly it is... Dudes, I just got back from Denver where its below freezing at night this time of year and this is NOT cold. I miss the sub-zero temperatures of Colorado. I had a blast in Denver while I was there a couple weeks ago and I want to give a shout out to all my Coloradans!
I just got my finacial aid e-mail telling me my awards for Miramar Community College and it's going to cost over $7,500 for the semester coming up, BUT! I was only awarded $2,775. I dislike being a non-resident. This is madness. It makes me want to cry... I miss high school! Lol well the free education part of high school anyways. So what I learned from this is I need to go and find a sugar-daddy to pay for school for me... know anyone who fits the bill? Ooh I know, maybe I should just get a really good job! Well anyways, I wish you all a Merry Christmas or politically correct Happy Holidays and if you know a single rich dude, give him my number. (Just Kidding!)

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