Thursday, January 19, 2012

Me First

Just a thought.....we are taught all our lives from various sources that to be selfish is such an unacceptable and undesireable thing,  Now, I am struggling to learn that I MUST choose, "me first" at this point in my life. That is much harder a concept than I expected!
Give me your wise words on this subject.

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  1. You can't give away what you don't have. How will your children learn about self respect, about not needing someone else to take care of them, about experiencing life to the fullest, about inner peace, unless you model it for them? My mother was the same sort of do-everything, sacrifice for the children person that you are. I chose, in part, not to have children because I knew that I couldn't give up everything that I enjoyed forever to be that sort of mom. Unfortunately life also decided that I shouldn't be a mom so I never got to figure out if that view of motherhood held. I would have liked, however, to see that you can have both - love both herself and her children - that she ddin't have to give up her dreams in order to be a mom. I'm sure that you dream for all the things that life has to give for your children. Dream that for yourself too and then they'll see that it can happen for them. Find that balance.