Friday, November 4, 2011

Healthier Eating

Since I am the one who feed the troops here, they have no choice but to be included when I say, "We are going to start eating healthier!" By this I mean, less sugar, more whole grains and most importantly, less preservatives and salt. We have a kiddos with autism spectrum disorders and kiddos with food allergies and sensitivities and behavior issues get the idea. So watch here and see how this goes. Of course we have to get through the Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving Goodies and Christmas Yummies so our progress may be slow until New Years!

I did some shopping the other day at Costco...spent $300, YIKES! Buying in bulk. Yes, I really did buy the 25 pound bag of bread flour. Now that I have the freezers, this is the way to go for us. Smart & Final is nearby and is also a great resource of us. I especially love the gallon size jug of hand soap!

Buying our meat from the farm was a great way to start off our healthier eating, although it hasn't arrived yet. Next I have made several "master mixes" and intend to make more. This way I have more control over the ingredients. I made taco seasoning, meat loaf mix and "shake", (shake chicken or pork chop in it and pan fry). Next up is Rice-a-roni and Bisquick.  At the moment I have a whole pumpkin in the oven. I will let you know how that goes.

Electric Bill! Our electric bill dropped $40! That is about 10 days of changes so I cant wait to see what next month will look like. We changed the heating elements on the electric stove, got a new washer and dryer and made a rule that everyone is downstairs, (therefore, no lights or computers on upstairs), at 6:30pm.  I also started using the electric skillet and crock pot more. We added a small freezer and next month there will be another freezer added in.  What can you do to "use less"?

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